About C.E.D.


C.E.D. Process Minerals production facilities in Gore, VirginiaC.E.D. Process Minerals, Inc. was established in 1981. We are an industry leader in additives and fillers through a world class manufacturing process.  Our products, C1 Cristobalite and CristolBrite are key ingredients in thousands of products worldwide.


Applications and Industries Currently Served

  • High Precision Investment Casting
  • Precision Dental Appliances
  • Jewelry, via the Lost Wax Process
  • Close Tolerance Electronic Parts
    • Abrasives and Polishing Media
    • Coatings
    • Fillers


Microtrac analysis helps assure consistent quality for C.E.D. productsThe solid mold industry requires relatively coarse materials. For these markets, C.E.D. supplies Cristobalite in 100 to 400 mesh grinds. Grinds finer than 400 mesh are supplied under their trademarked name GoreSil®.

These finer grinds satisfy the production and product requirements of other, newer and expanding markets. A variety of grades are available, ranging from 2 to 10 microns.

Microscopic analysis helps assure consistent quality for C.E.D. products

Naturally occurring deposits of Cristobalite are low and impure, making commercial mining not feasible. C.E.D.’s manufacturing process duplicates the time and temperature requirements in nature and goes even further.

In production, C.E.D. utilizes a complex, proprietary process (allotropic modification) to convert silicone dioxide quartz to Cristobalite. This process uses no additives (mineralizers) and results in higher purity Cristobalite than methods used by other manufacturers.